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Accident Towing

There are undesirable situations that drivers find themselves involved in even with utmost precaution and care while driving. These situations, although never really intended to happen, are, to say the least, very unpredictable. We never know when these things might happen, although we do wish they never do.

But what we do know, here in Leesburg Towing Service, is how important it is to have a reliable crew to handle and assist drivers in this delicate and urgent circumstance, which we all refer to as accidents.

Truth be told, it is in the very nature of accidents to be stressful and aggravating. Oftentimes, it can bring out the worst in people. That’s why, we guarantee that Leesburg Towing Service crew members will surely address the matter politely and quickly. The least that we intend to do is to further aggravate the individuals involved in the situation, so you can expect that our personnel will act with a sense of friendly professionalism in addressing every single person who is involved in the accident, may they be our clients or not.

It is also our priority, in this type of jobs, to ensure the safety of everyone in the scene, regardless if they are clients, drivers, police officers, or bystanders. We guarantee that we will, personally, make sure that everyone is kept safe before doing any cleanups or towing in the area.

Lastly, you can expect that we will deliver and complete the task at hand as fast as possible. It is our aim to finish the task as quickly as we are able to in order to help fast-track the resumption of daily normal activities in the area. This is to help prevent inconveniencing or hindering other people, especially uninvolved individuals, from their business or day-to-day tasks.

What We Do

In these kinds of circumstances, it is our main priority to ensure that everyone within the accident radius area are safe and sound. We extend our services to providing assistance in any way that we can. Never hesitate to ask or confront our personnel about any concerns that you might have. We will be more than willing to help you to the best of our ability.

We do multiple car breakdown cleanups and car recovery as well, depending on the type of job the circumstance calls for. Rest assured, we are properly equipped for any of these tasks. And regardless of the state or condition the vehicles are in, we will ensure that they are still handled carefully and properly upon recovery, removal, or towing.

Last, but definitely not the least, we extend our services to help manage the traffic along the surrounding area. We are aware that these types of situations usually result to heavy traffic. For this reason, we are more than willing to aid police officers or civilians in the management of traffic flow. After all, the very aim of our presence is to ease everyone into a more comfortable situation.

How to Contact Us

For accident towing services, simply call us at (703) 423-0201. We promise to immediately respond and dispatch our crew, so they’ll arrive in the scene quickly.

Need Immediate Roadside Assistance?