Leesburg Junk Car Removal


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Leesburg Junk Car Removal

Sometimes, property residents, owners, and managers experience having old vehicles abandoned within the premises of their properties. But sometimes, these people also have old vehicles that they simply want to be removed from their property to make space for a new one.

Regardless of the situation, we, in Leesburg Towing Service, will be happy to take these vehicles off of your hands and away from your properties.

For car junk removal requests, we wholeheartedly act on them the way we handle other types of service job requests. You see, most towing companies, treat car junk removal jobs as non-urgent matters that are typically addressed last. However, in Leesburg Towing Service, we have a strict first come, first serve protocol. May it be as non-urgent as car junk removal, we still act on it as if it is an emergency situation. We guarantee that these old and abandoned vehicles will be removed from your property in a flash.

What We Use

Car junk removal jobs usually call for different types of towing trucks, depending on the type and make of the vehicle that has to be removed. Fortunately, Leesburg Towing Service has had the chance to cultivate a wide assortment of tow trucks that are perfect for various types of vehicle, may they be small or huge.

We do, however, ask that our clients specify the type of vehicle that needs towing. This is for the purpose of appropriately choosing the correct tow truck for the job. Rest assured, we always have the right equipment for every type of job.

Our trucks range from light duty towing to heavy duty towing. These trucks are able to handle various types of vehicle and load requirement. Depending on the vehicle that needs to be towed, our team will make sure that the truck that will be used can handle the removal process without any issues.

What We Do

During car junk removal jobs, we still make sure that the vehicle will be handled with great care. Because next to keeping our clients safe and satisfied, our next priority is keeping all vehicles under our care in a good condition. This means, regardless if it’s car junk or not, we still handle and treat every vehicle with utmost care and concern.

After the towing process, we guarantee that the towed vehicle will be documented for future references. For abandoned vehicles with plate numbers, we will ensure that the local police department will be notified in case an owner shows up trying to retrieve it. In this way, clients and customers will be protected from any potential legal repercussions in the future.

How to Contact Us

For car junk removal job requests, call us at (703) 423-0201. Although car junk removal jobs are not emergency cases, do not hesitate to give us a call. We treat each and every job with the same sense of importance. We guarantee that your request will be acted upon promptly and immediately. We will quickly dispatch our crew to remove any unwanted vehicles from your property. That’s a promise.

Need Immediate Roadside Assistance?