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In the present day, it has become really hard to come by a dependable and trustworthy transport company to safely haul or transport your precious vehicle to faraway places. Nowadays, it is simply really hard to trust on anyone, especially since we live in a world wherein profit is held more valuable than integrity.

But, Leesburg Towing Service, unlike other transport or towing company, readily stakes our reputation and dignity on the line to prove you how worthy we are of your trust. We have never disappointed or took advantage of any of our clients or customers. And, this is evident in how well we have maintained a good relationship with our clients for so many years.

To top it all up, Leesburg Towing Service is actually an insured and licensed transport company. We are legally approved to haul vehicles to other places, even across state lines. Plus, we only dispatch personnel who are trained and experienced in covering long distances. Needless to say, we never come short when it comes to making sure that you will be receiving only the best type of service that we can offer.

What We Use

For long distance towing, we have a wide assortment of towing trucks, flatbed trucks, and trailer trucks that can accommodate long distance hauling for one or numerous vehicles, in case you have more than one vehicle that need to be transported.

These trucks are kept in a good condition with proper maintenance and inspection. This ensures that long distance jobs will not experience any delays caused by truck breakdowns or engine problems, eliminating worrisome concerns while your vehicle is en route.

What We Do

For long distance towing job requests, we usually require clients and customers to book a schedule. However, we do accept urgent scheduling as long as our equipment and trucks are available for use. But, there is no need for concern. Even on such a short notice, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Before the actual date of transport, we will be checking in on you to confirm all the necessary details. This is done to ensure that your vehicle will be delivered to the correct location and to the correct person.

On the scheduled day of transport, we guarantee that our personnel will be arriving to pick up your vehicle right on schedule. We strictly implement that everything should be done in a timely manner to avoid any delays in transporting the vehicle.

While the vehicle is en route, our personnel will be providing real time updates to our clients to help lessen feelings of uneasiness and worry in their part. We truly understand how apprehensive it is for anyone to leave their vehicles under the care of another person, so we do our best to ease these negative feelings away by constantly informing our clients about the status, condition, and location of the transported vehicle.

Once the vehicle arrives in the designated location, the client will be notified as well. Another update will be given after the vehicle has been retrieved. However, you can rest easy that the vehicle will only be handed over to the person you have specified. An identification card will be demanded upon retrieval to confirm the identity of the person.

Need Immediate Roadside Assistance?