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Most towing companies do not really offer motorcycle towing services. But as the leading Leesburg towing company, we always make it our mission to extend various types of services in order to provide a wider scope of assistance. Hence, we also accept motorcycle towing job requests. 

In Leesburg Towing Service, we have always taken pride in doing nothing less of what is expected from us, so we assure you that we only dispatch the best people fit to do the job you have requested from us. We are well aware that handling motorcycles require a different type of skill set. To address this, we have cultivated and trained our crew members to be well-versed and knowledgeable about motorcycle handling and towing. You can rest easy that our personnel will manage your vehicle properly and carefully.

What We Use

Aside from trustworthy and competent crew members who are well-trained in dealing with any motorcycle-related dilemmas, the best thing about Leesburg Towing Service is our impressive assortment of tow trucks and equipment that are perfect for different kinds of job.

In relation to this, we proudly have tow truck lines that are capable of towing and transporting any type of motorcycle. We also have tow trucks available in towing numerous motorcycles in one go. This multiple towing is, of course, applied in the event of multiple motorcycle breakdowns / accidents or in case you request us for one.

What We Do

For motorcycle towing jobs, the dispatcher quickly processes the job request by disseminating the information to the crew to be dispatched. Afterwards, we guarantee that our crew will be arriving in a timely manner. It is our goal to provide swift and prompt service, so we always see to it that we arrive in the designated place as fast as we can.

Upon arrival, our personnel will do a quick assessment of the situation and any problems regarding the motorcycle. This is to ensure that your motorcycle will be handled appropriately to avoid any potential damages while towing.

After a quick assessment, our crew will quickly get to work to mount your motorcycle up our tow truck. We are capable of managing motorcycles of different makes and types. Some of the motorcycles that we have catered to before are standard motorcycles, sport bikes, cruisers, scooters, touring motorcycles, and dual-sport motorcycles. And as promised, we have the proper equipment for any of these motorcycles.

Once mounted, we will then start to transport your motorcycle to the designated location. It has always been our priority to provide safe transporting and towing to any type of vehicles, so we guarantee that your motorcycle will be handled with utmost care and caution. Furthermore, we have always treated all makes of vehicle carefully, ensuring that they are well taken care of under our supervision.

How to Contact Us

For motorcycle towing requests, do not hesitate to give us a call at (703) 423-0201. We assure you that we will dispatch our crew immediately to assist you as fast as we are able to. After all, it has always been our mission to provide quick and reliable towing service, regardless if it’s for a car or a motorcycle.

Need Immediate Roadside Assistance?