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Many residents, nowadays, opt to use private modes of transportation like cars. As a result, there is also an increase in demand for parking lots and spaces. And because of this heightened demand for them, most drivers, intentionally or not, sometimes disregard parking policies and rules implemented in a particular area, making parking spaces chaotic. In return, this causes inconvenience and problems for property owners and managers as they lose control over their parking spaces. Oftentimes, they even lose parking slots meant for their customers to some stubborn drivers.

As a way to help them take back control of their property spaces, Leesburg Towing Service decided to extend our service to manage their parking spaces in their place. With this offer, we will aid in monitoring and removing any unauthorized or disobeying vehicle in their properties without charging them anything. This, however, is only applicable to property owners or managers who will willingly register their properties with us.

What We Do

Through this deal, Leesburg Towing Service aims to give property owners and managers the ability and confidence to legally tow any unauthorized vehicle from their properties. This is, of course, done by following strict protocols to avoid any potential legal repercussions.

In the event that an unauthorized vehicle is caught parked within the client’s premises, we will immediately notify the authorizing manager regarding the situation. If given the go signal to tow, we will then record and document the vehicle’s information and details. A copy of this will be given to the property’s authorizing figure to serve as his or her record and receipt.

Afterwards, our personnel will immediately notify the local police department regarding the situation. This is done to ensure that the vehicle to be towed is legally documented to avoid legal repercussions in the future and in case other problems might arise with regards to the removal process.

Once all legal actions have been settled, our crew will then begin the towing process. Any existing damages on the vehicle prior to towing will also be recorded in case the vehicle’s owner brings these forward at a later period. Nevertheless, we guarantee that the vehicle will be treated gently and carefully all throughout the process.

The vehicle will then be transported and kept in our facility until the rightful owner retrieves it. This service is given free to registered property owners and managers. Leesburg Towing Service will responsibly charge all towing costs on the vehicle owner alone.

How to Register

To avail of this service free of charge, property managers and owners are encouraged to register with us. To do this, simply give us a call at (703) 423-0201. A customer service representative from Leesburg Towing Service will immediately orient you regarding the service. Feel free to let us know about any requests or demands. After all, property management towing is a personalized type of service for us. We will do our best to grant your requests in any way we can.

After a brief orientation, the representative will then assist you in completing the requirements needed to finish the registration. Rest assured, the registration process will be easy, fast, and hassle-free.

Need Immediate Roadside Assistance?